meet Sarah Anderson!

Sarah served as a public affairs specialist in the U.S. Marine Corps, where she learned photography by documenting the Marine Corps story for nearly 8 years. Now, she is exploring the medium beyond documentary work because of the education GVSU’s Photography Program has provided her. Storytelling are her roots with photography, and she strives to continue to tell stories of humanity while further exploring artistic photography. 

artistry of light

The Artistry of Light reflects on the literal meaning of the art medium. Photography is derived from the Greek words “phōtós graphê,” meaning “light writing or drawing.” The group of images reflect on what light writing entails as well as a dive into the contrast of human vision versus camera vision. The human eye can’t grasp the impact of light painting without the camera’s help. Through using this medium, light brings images to life like they could never in real time. Two essential aspects of photography are light and time.

Without light, there is no image. Without a dedicated time set for the image, there is no telling how the photo will turn out. By manipulating these two aspects of photography, light and color are captured that derive an emotional response, sense of identity, appreciation for mystery or adventure, as well as beauty that is unique to long exposure photography.