meet Evan Lindhout!

Evan is a photographer interested in Studio Lighting, Composites, Editorial & Product Photography. In his work he strives to find meaning in the small details of life that are often overlooked or ignored. Evan’s favorite time to photograph is late at night when things get quiet and the prime opportunities for long exposures arise. Recently, an emphasis on blending 3D rendered objects into his photographs can be seen in his work to create surreal and otherworldly compositions.


Symbiosis is the interaction between two biological organisms, and in this portrait series, symbiosis applies to the humans and the plant life found on Earth. Flora, fauna, and fungi are all forms of life in which we share many of the same traits including things like the ability to digest nutrients, reproduce, and grow on a cellular level. Not only do we share these traits, but we also share much of the same atomic building blocks and DNA as plants.

These amazing links we share with our Earth should make us stop to ponder our existence, think about the cellular building blocks that make us who we are, and our connections to the natural planet that we reside on. We should respect the earth’s living inhabitants because, on some level, we are one with them, and we all rely on each other. Respecting our body like we respect our earth and vice versa is key because each living being is unique and special on this planet, and it is of most importance to protect all life on our planet moving forward, facing issues like pollution and deforestation.