meet Dylan Nelson!

Dylan is a Lifestyle, Travel & Landscape Photographer who loves working in the outdoors. He spends a lot of his time along the lakeshore creating photographs for himself and for lakeshore community marketing campaigns. When he is not found at the lakeshore he can be found traveling the country and around the world. He is passionate about traveling and creating photographs of the different locations that he visits. Dylan has been working with a camera for over eight years and uses the camera as an outlet and way to express himself.


Incandescence is a series that challenges the use of artificial light such as street lights, light pollution, and any artificial light that can be found in both urban and natural settings. As a landscape photographer Dylan would find himself trying to avoid unnatural lighting at all costs, spending hours in photoshop removing these lights or refusing to photograph them at all. In this series he is facing them head on and using artificial tube light to create abstract figures in a location where street lights, city lights, or other artificial lighting would otherwise be prevalent. 

As a photographer, Dylan is a very detail oriented person. The movement of the light and the locations chosen were meticulously picked and many hours were spent creating a photograph that was sufficient and effective in portraying the challenge at hand.