meet Margaret Farmer!

Margaret is a Conceptual & Portrait Photographer who enjoys working in the studio. She is interested in across styles of photography including Advertisement, Documentary, Fine Art & Social Media. In her work she channels her inner emotions and finds a way to creatively show what she is experiencing. She attempts to capture this raw, candid emotion in her portrait photography as well. She is skilled in digital photography and large format film photography.

rigor samsa

“Rigor Samsa” is a term used to describe a psychological exoskeleton that exists to protect a person from emotional pain. When Margaret finds herself in an emotional crisis, she protects herself by placing a barrier between herself and the world. When Margaret was a child, she was scared of the dark and any terrors lurking in it. When she found herself petrified of these imaginary horrors, she would hide beneath the sheets. Under the sheet is where she felt most protected -- as if nothing could touch her.

Rigor Samsa is a series dedicated to demonstrate such practice described by placing a sheet over the subjects body -- symbolizing a homage to the sheet Margaret used to protect herself as a child. The problem with creating a barrier between yourself and your surroundings is that life becomes very lonely. She hopes viewers find solace in the fact that they are not alone in this withdrawal from society and emotions.