meet Jolene Weier!

Jolene is a Nature Photographer who focuses her work on capturing and enhancing the beauty of the world around her. While being based in West Michigan, she has traveled all over the country for different photography opportunities. She is passionate about using photography to help educate, bring awareness, and inform people about important environmental issues. Throughout her career she has also done Composite, Film & Portrait Photography work.


Bijou is a series that uses Macro Photography to emphasize and enhance the beauty that can be found in the small details of plants, trees, and other natural organisms. For Jolene's whole life, she has enjoyed spending time outside, mainly going on walks with her family or having a picnic. While she spends all this time outside, she has never really stopped to appreciate the beauty in the tiny wildflower her dog runs over or the mesmerizing crevasses on tree bark.

But, what happens when you take the subject out of the picture and just focus on the details? Tree bark appears to look like mountains and cacti appear as big green and red piercing needles with a hidden flower in between that you otherwise would not see. Something that you might not normally stop to look at has turned into something that fully captures your attention.

Jolene has chosen to leave out “the big picture” in order to keep the viewer guessing. Encouraging them to get closer to things in their own backyard -- to find the little hidden worlds in grass, gardens, and the forests they pass in their day to day lives.