meet Meranda Kwitkowski!

Meranda is a senior at Grand Valley State University majoring in Photography. She is an aspiring Travel & Landscape and occasional Candid & Portraiture Photographer. Meranda has been photographing for over six years and it is her greatest passion! She loves capturing life's beautiful moments and scenery. While she is based in Chicago, IL, she has also traveled throughout and outside of the country in order to capture the beauty of the world outside of her hometown. Meranda has experience in Digital & Film Photography, however, chooses Digital Photography as her medium to produce photographs. She also prefers the use of natural light over artificial light to add to the natural look of her work.

tree of life

Tree of Life is a dedicated series in appreciation for trees and their significance to us. This series is dedicated as a reminder to the viewer of a tree and human’s outer and inner beauty deep inside down to their roots. A reminder that we are all just as beautiful and significant as Mother Nature.

For a more in depth connection, please read below.

our connection to the tree of life

The Tree of Life symbolizes a connection to everything. A tree’s roots dig inward to the earth, accepting the nourishment of Mother Earth, and its branches spread outward into the sky, nourishing energy of the sun and moon. The Tree of Life represents the interconnectedness of everything, therefore, reminding us that we are not alone and instead are connected with the world.

The Tree of Life also symbolizes ancestry, family, and fertility. A connection to one’s family and ancestors.The Tree of Life’s branches represents how a family grows and expands from generation to generation. It also symbolizes fertility as it always finds a way to keep growing similarly to humans, ultimately representing shared vitality.

The most obvious symbol to the human that the Tree of Life holds is growth and strength. Just as a tree strengthens and grows upwards into the sky, so do we. We grow strong and always strive to reach higher heights. A tree's strength in its roots keeps it grounded to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Similarly, we grow stronger and more resilient to withstand the obstacles in life.

This directly leads to the Tree of Life’s symbol of individuality. Trees are not one in the same and are unique. Their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful. The individuality and uniqueness of us is what truly makes us beautiful. 

The Tree of Life is a symbol for immortality and rebirth. Trees lose and regrow their leaves during the transitions of seasons. This represents the beginning of a new life and a fresh start. The Tree of Life also symbolizes immortality because even as the tree grows old, it creates seeds that carry its essence so it lives on through new saplings. As humans, we similarly symbolize immortality by procreating.

Lastly, the Tree of Life stands as a symbol of peace and relaxation as these are the feelings evoked in us when around them. It is also important to note that Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world's wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter. 

The Tree of Life has many symbols which connect the life of humans to its own. Therefore, it is important to take care of and nurture our trees. Without them, human life would not be possible. We should begin to appreciate the personal connections we share with trees, as they are what makes us capable of living.